Detasseling In The Summer Of 2017


Some workers are are experiencing chaffing/rash on the inside of the upper legs due to walking in wet jeans or shorts. A very good remedy for this seems to be vaseline petroluem jelly overnite on the affected area and it will be pretty well healed by morning.

Bring more water than you think you will need.

There will be 3 Crews this year. All workers will need to be in one of these crews. The bus routes and leave times are as follows;


Steve’s Crew

LOCATION                                                LEAVE TIME


LEMARS CLEVELAND PARK                      5:15 AM

MERRILL CASEYS                                         5:25 AM

HINTON AMPRIDE                                       5:30 AM

SERGEANT BLUFF  MALL                           5:55 AM

SLOAN  KUM & GO                                        6:15 AM


Jacque’s Crew      All stops are in Sioux City.

LOCATION                                                  LEAVE TIME

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL                         5:15 AM

PALMER CANDY                                       5:25 AM

NORTH MIDDLE                                       5:40 AM

MENARDS ON GORDON DRIVE                 6:00 AM


Marc’s Crew

LOCATION                                                                                   LEAVE TIME

HOLSTEIN  MARC’S HOUSE                                                         4:45 AM

C’VILLE VALLEY STOP                                                                  5:00 AM

PIERSON  SCHOOL                                                                         5:15 AM

MIDWAY PARK (KINGSLEY AREA)                                              5:30 AM

MOVILLE FOUR WAY                                                                     5:35 AM



The buses will leave at the posted time. You need to plan to be at the pickup spot 10 minutes before the posted leave time. Drivers might make small adjustments to the schedule after the first day or two if needed. Announcements will be made to the workers if this happens. If your location is not on the list you will need to go to the posted pick up spot nearest where you live.

Find your name. If you have an incomplete application and your name is in bold print please send us what we need to get you entered into the payroll program. It is fun to get paid for the work that you do so make sure we have all the information that we need from you!!!!!!!

We have received the following applications so far and these people will be working for SMAK this summer:

From LeMars/Merrill: Michael L,  Luke B,  Brett V,  Aaron H,  Hannah A,  Jason S,  Jada T,  Jackson S , Alex H, Whitney S,  Justus S,  Luke H, Reese B, Jacob H, Joseph V,  Jack M, Kennedi M, Anthony V,  Luke H, Kiya M, Jeffrey A, Briley P, Kennedy R, Abby R, Damion G, Lea W, Jared W, Traegen K, Dylan B, Ashlyn B, Charles P, Hannah M, Shannan M, Makenna M,  Adam M,  Morgan M,  Peyton M, Brandon K, Madison S, Alivia M, River F,


From Sioux City/ Sergeant Bluff: Aaron W,  Cali C (need I-9 and ID), Mustariya K,  Rod U,  Kyle S,John W, Brennan T,  Nick W,  Nathan G,  Gaven H,  Monica O,  Paolo RH,  Kerwin H,  Gregorio B, Hamza D(need ID, I-9)Jovanne D, Christina L, David B, Tanner H, Ivan R,  Erica G , Kenidy H, Joshua K, Francisi C, Kyler G, Miranda M, LaAnna J, Samantha H, Carlos M, Kaley H, Katalina S, Nolan O, Keontae T, Estevan C, Kyrese P (need signed permission to treat), Carter R, Elizabeth F, Virginia F, Tirzah R, Buddy L,  Maria J-M,   Aidan K,  Sebastian JM, Kolbie CT, Juan J, Juan SJ, Angelina SJ, Nancy LM,  Ava H, Dylan, Gabriel H, Jordan H, Alesha k(needs id),  Lydia P, Ellen H, Pablo G,

From South Sioux City/Dakota City:  Ronnie M,  Eduardo A, David B, Max P, Hector G(needs I-9, ID, Permission to treat), Nahod M, Alana G, Viriana K, Jose V, Miguel A, Alexander L, Mubarok A, (needs I-9, ID, Permission To Treat), Adrian N (Needs  I-9,  ID. Permission to treat), Ricardo C., Nyabucy D(needs ID), Charlotte B, Allan T(Needs ID), Andrew H,  Ralph R, Hope S, Salvador M, Joel G(needs signed permission to treat), Armando C, Bryana C, Hailey M, Lami G (needs ID, I-9), Alexander A, Ulises S,  Omar S,

From Holstein , Cushing, C’ville Anthon Pierson: Terra H, Damien F, Jacob H, Sawyer C, Cotton C,  Khalen D, Isabel M, Delmer G, Cameron P, Kayla L, Sarah S, Nick S, Mason M, Tristan S, Zach S, Jazzmine W, Cayden H,

From Hinton:  Tayler W, Cameron G,

From Other towns: Alex OH,  Gary W ( needs permission to treat and I-9 pages and ID), Hannah L,  Jamie P,   Brennon E, Jordan B, Cali S, Dylan C, Natalie S, Reed R, Jordan G, Emma M,  Malikye B,