Detasseling In The Summer Of 2017

Remember that everything that you will need to know about when we start and the bus pick up points and times will eventually be posted right here. For now just check this site every couple of days. We do not have a projected or approximate start date yet so a wild guess based on other years would be around the 10th of July – but that is just a guess at this time. Next week we will have a better estimate………

Find your name. If you have an incomplete application please send us what we need to get you entered into the payroll program. It is fun to get paid for the work that you do so make sure we have all the information that we need from you!!!!!!!

It is time to get those applications in to SMAK if you are planning on having a good paying, short term and fun job for a couple of weeks this summer. The corn is planted and growing so it won’t be long and we will be walking down the rows looking for those hiding tassels.We have received the following applications so far and these people will be working for SMAK this summer:

From LeMars/Merrill: Michael L,  Luke B,  Brett V,  Aaron H,  Hannah A,  Jason S,  Jada T,  Jackson S , Alex H, Whitney S,  Justus S,  Luke H, Reese B, Jacob H, Joseph V,  Jack M, Kennedi M, Anthony V,  Luke H,


From Sioux City/ Sergeant Bluff: Aaron W,  Cali C (need I-9 and ID), Mustariya K,  Rod U,  Kyle S,         John W, Brennan T,  Nick W,  Nathan G,  Gaven H,  Monica O,  Paolo RH,  Kerwin H,  Gregorio B, Hamza D (need ID, I-9), Jovanne D, Christina L, David B, Tanner H, Ivan R,  Erica G (needs ID), Kenidy H, Joshua K, Francisi C, Kyler G, Miranda M, LaAnna J, Samantha H, Carlos M, Kaley H, Katalina S, Nolan O,

From South Sioux City/Dakota City:  Ronnie M,  Eduardo A, David B, Max P, Hector G(needs I-9, ID, Permission to treat), Nahod M, Alana G, Viriana K, Jose V, Miguel A, Alexander A, Mubarok A, (needs I-9, ID, Permission To Treat), Adrian N (Needs  I-9,  ID. Permission to treat), Ricardo C., Nyabucy D(needs ID), Charlotte B, Allan T(Needs ID)

From Cushing, C’ville: Terra H, Damien F, Jacob H, Sawyer C, Cotton C,

From Hinton: Tirzah R, Tayler W, Cameron G,

From Other towns: Alex OH,  Gary W ( needs permission to treat and I-9 pages and ID), Hannah L,  Jamie P, Darcy E , Brennon E, Jordan B, Cali S, Dylan C, Natalie S, Reed R, Jordan G, Emma M,

Thanks to all of you for getting your paperwork to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sign up is coming along and we will soon begin planning bus routes based on where we need to pick up our workers so if you plan on applying it would be helpful to us if you did it as soon as you can. Thanks!!!!