W-2 Tax Forms

If you worked for Smak during the summer of 2016  your W-2 tax form will be mailed on January 18th. Watch for it in your mail.

The website will be update for 2017 and will be ready to use by March 1. Hope you want to work again!

Friday, July 29

Paychecks were mailed today. You will find a questionnaire attached that needs to be filled out and sent back to us. There are two different options to get this done:

1.) Fill out the form that was sent with the check and mail it back to us at 31884 Hwy 3, LeMars, IA 51031

2.) See the information below regarding how to accomplish this task online.

Attached is an End of the Season Questionnaire that needs to be filled out by each worker.

This was also included with your check so if you already filled it out once you do NOT need to do it again. The link to the questionnaire is provided below.

If you choose to complete the form online here are the steps to take once finished:

  1. Save your edited copy
  2. Start a new email to smakinc2005@gmail.com
  3. Attach your edited copy and send the email


We have not received paperwork from the following people: Don M, Kathleen P, and Dion R.. We are not able to issue a paycheck without paperwork. Please print an application off the website and mail it in as soon as possible. 

Thank you for all of your hard work!!! We hope you will be joining us again next summer!





How to send your application

It should only cost you one postage stamp to send a completed application to SMAK!

Here is how you do it:

  1. Send the application page
  2. Send the bottom half of the W-4  (1/2ONE PAGE ONLY)
  3. Send one page of the I-9  (Only the page you write on)
  4. Send the permission to treat page
  5. send a half page with two forms of ID photocopied on it.
  6. Place a stamp on the envelope. Do not buy special envelopes.
  7. Bravo!!!! You are done.