For The Season

A huge thanks to all who detasseled this summer. Many of you made it every day or only missed a day or two. Way to go!!! If you can detassel you can do many jobs that require someone who will show up for work and give it their all. We give out many job recommendations during the year so if you need one down the road give Holly or Steve a call and we would be glad to help you out. At the beginning of the season we told you that we wanted this to be a safe and fun and wholesome work experience for all who tried it and thanks to you guys that is what occurred. You were a fantastic crew. Many thanks….. Your last paycheck will be ready on this coming Wednesday after 5 pm. We have to wait that long to make sure that the last field we did passes inspection.

For Saturday, July 24

All workers are needed on Saturday, July 24 at the regular time. We will change the pick up spot tomorrow to the Gehlen Ball Fields which are just a little bit west of the place we normally pick and on the other side of the highway. This is for Saturday only due to RAGBRAI congestion.

We are super busy with detasseling right now but it will start to slow down next week and the hours of work (and pay) will start decreasing so if you want to build up hours (and pay) now is the time to come detasseling even though you might be a tad tired. You can rest up on Sunday because we will not work on Sunday. See you tomorrow.

Prizes!! Prizes!! Prizes!!

For Friday, July 23 (and some Saturday)

All workers are needed on Friday, July 23 at normal time.

LeMars does have a lot going on Saturday and we will be detasseling. We will have you home in time to join in the fun and you will not miss anything by going detasseling. Everyone who works on Saturday will receive a special prize and there will be drawings for other things. Some workers will receive 2 prizes!!! You must be present to win. Can’t wait!!!

See you tomorrow. (Friday)

For Wednesday, July 21

All workers are needed for Wednesday, July 21st at the normal time.

Please continue to bring your own personal water as the temperatures are predicted to rise a little as the week goes on but will remain quite normal for this time of the year. We are accomplishing a lot every day so kudos to you guys. Keep it up! See you all tomorrow.

For Tuesday, July 20

All workers are needed on Tuesday, July 20th for detasseling at the normal time.

A reminder that workers need to pay attention to what their body is telling them and get clothes peeled off as the morning warms up. Yes you can get dizzy and pukey and light headed if you get too hot. With the beautiful cool days that we have had heat stress should not be a problem if you drink plenty of water, wear light colored clothing and get clothing and rain gear off as soon as possible. We had a great day today and this crew is shaping up to be a good one! Thanks. See you tomorrow.