Detasseling In The Summer Of 2017

It is time to get those applications in to SMAK if you are planning on having a good paying, short term and fun job for a couple of weeks this summer. The corn is planted and growing so it won’t be long and we will be walking down the rows looking for those hiding tassels.We have received the following applications so far and these people will be working for SMAK this summer:

From LeMars: Michael L,  Luke B,  Brett V,  Aaron H,  Hannah A,

From Sioux City: Aaron W,  Cali C (need I-9 and ID), Mustariya K,  Rod U,  Kyle S,         John W, Brennan T,  Nick W,  Nathan G,  Gaven H,  Monica O,  Paolo RH,  Kerwin H,  Gregorio B

From South Sioux City:  Ronnie M,

From Cushing, C’ville: Terra H, Damien F

From Hinton: Tirzah R

From Other towns: Alex OH,

Thanks to all of you for getting your paperwork to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At this time sign ups from outlying towns have been slow so if you know of friends that want to work for us please tell them to get their applications in as soon as possible. We will start planning bus routes soon and need to know where are workers are from so we can do that.





UPCOMING MEETING June 16 2017 2-3 pm

We have scheduled a meeting in the near future to assist workers in signing up for detasseling and completing an application. We will have applications available at the meeting. Please bring a copy of your social security card and report card or other ID with you. We will answer all questions about detasseling. Even if you have sent your application to us already we would still invite you to come to this meeting just to meet us but you do not have to come to this meeting.. There will also be a 20 minute safety training meeting.  There will be further safety training the first day of work. If you are thinking about detasseling this summer we would love to talk to you. PS  Bring your parents to meet us too. This meeting is not mandatory if you already have your application in to us

Wednesday    June 16,  2017 Iowa Workforce Office  Sioux City 2:00 to 3:00 PM         stop by any time.                      2508 4th St     712-233-9030




How to send your application

It should only cost you one postage stamp to send a completed application to SMAK!

Here is how you do it:

  1. Send the application page
  2. Send the bottom half of the W-4  (1/2ONE PAGE ONLY)
  3. Send one page of the I-9  (Only the page you write on)
  4. Send the permission to treat page
  5. send a half page with two forms of ID photocopied on it.
  6. Place a stamp on the envelope. Do not buy special envelopes.
  7. Bravo!!!! You are done.